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Rachel McWha is a freelance costume designer and maker based in Melbourne, Australia. With over a decade of experience working with costumes in a wide range of styles and periods, she has designed, styled and made costumes for film, commercials, theatre, online media, fancy dress, bridal and events and works as a designer, supervisor, assistant and standby roles. She has been sewing since she was old enough to sit behind a sewing machine, and loves to share her passion with others, teaching sewing techniques at the Women's Institute and private clients.


Costume Design

Rachel believes costumes should contribute to the visual storytelling and character of the production. They should enhance the visual style of the production as a whole, but never detract from the viewers experience of the story. She knows how to work within limited timeframes and budgets to create stunning costume designs. She is highly influenced by the history of fashion, and is comfortable working on period, fantasy and contemporary projects.


Rachel has several years working in the wedding industry, making and altering wedding dresses for bridal clients. She likes to be involved in the entire process, from designing, patterning and constructing the garment, as is particularly interested in non-traditional designs influenced by historic and vintage designs.

Costume Making

Rachel is an experienced costume makers and can pattern-make and construct costumes and accessories to a high standard. She is particularly skilled in corsetry and womens period styles, but has also had several years experiencing making mascot costumes, including Wenlock, the mascot for the London 2012 Olympic Games. No project is too difficult or too weird. 


Rachel has been sewing for as long as she can remember, creating clothes for her toys while her Grandmother and Mother sat at the machine. She loves to share her passion with others, teaching both private clients and courses at Denman College to the ladies of the Women's Institute. Her specialist areas are introduction to sewing, overlocking and heirloom techniques.  

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